God's Refrigerator--Lyrics

By Karen Taylor- Good & Lisa Aschmann

VERSE I was feelin' kind of down and like nobody really cared. So I crawled under the covers, where I could say my prayers. I said, "God, if you love me, why don't you show a sign?" I fell asleep soon after, and this dream came to my mind.

CHORUS I found myself in the great beyond, in a great big house and the house was God's, And He took me by the hand and led me to His kitchen. And taped up to this giant fridge were pictures of me as a kid, And ev'ry drawing that I ever did was with 'em. There's no higher high, no feelin' greater, Than seein' yourself on God's refrigerator.

VERSE I had no idea that God saw me as His child, Or that He was thinkin' of me, so dearly all the while. But there I was up on that door for all the world to see. I was precious to Him, and he thought the world of me.


TAG Ah, just in case you ever feel forgotten and blue, I saw pictures of you up there too.

Copyright © 2004 KT Good SESAC/ Nashville Geographic - ASCAP