Gone from My Sight--Lyrics

by Karen Taylor-Good and Lisa Aschmann

VERSE I stand at the seashore, a ship at my side, Spreading her sails as they billow out wide. She starts on her journey across the indigo ocean.

She is an object of beauty and strength. I stand and I watch her until at length She stands like a speck, like a fly, barely in motion.

Someone be side me says "There, she is gone." But I know that without a doubt they are wrong.

CHORUS She's gone from my sight, that's all. Her heart's still as large and her mast just as tall. She's gone somewhere, not vanished in air, Her sails only cover her light. She's only gone from my sight.

VERSE I stand at the seashore, feeling bereft, Watch her grow smaller 'til there's nothing left But a speck, but a dot, but a haze I can't see any more.

Her seeming smallness is me that's not her. Her sails are as mighty as they ever were, And she's bearing her load and her life to some distant shore.

Just as someone beside me shouts: "There she is gone." Other voices are ready to shout: "Here she comes!"


CODA There is no end to her life. She is only gone from my sight.

Copyright 2006 Song Guru Music(SESAC)/Nashville Geographic (BMI)