God Is Still Here--Lyrics

Lyrics by John Davis and Rachel Davis


VERSE 1 When I see a cloudy day, and I cannot see the sun, Do I trust that it’s still there in the sky?

VERSE 2 When the storms of life are here and I wonder “Where is God?” When the pain’s too much to bear, where is God?

CHORUS God is all there is, and He will guide my life. Will I trust His voice? God is loving me today and forever more. God is still my rock.

BRIDGE God is still here. 4x


VERSE 3 Through the days and through the years I have seen the hand of God And He’s proven once again He loves me.

VERSE 4 I will trust His plan for me, for His will is for my good, And for ev’rything God does I give thanks. 



© John Davis