Ego Trip--Lyrics

By David Roth

VERSE I drag my suitcase down the hall, Another day, another ball. Straight outta bed and off I go, My very favorite travel show. I pop the bag, it's full of stuff, I never quite unload enough. But I'll make room, I'll get a grip. I'm packing for my ego trip.

CHORUS I'm packing for my ego trip. I've got a lifetime membership. I'm well rehearsed and well-equipped. I'm packing for my ego trip.

VERSE I'll start with pride and self-esteem . Eternal youth and fading genes, I always stuff some extra socks Right underneath my writer's blocks. My shaving kit is six feet tall.* It holds the mirror on the wall Reflecting me, myself and I, My three most favorite passersby.


BRIDGE Today I'll start by ending world hunger, Take a break for lunch and win Olympic Gold. Just before my nap at three I'll sell a coupla million CDs. My wing at the Smithsonian Is something to behold.

VERSE Sometimes I walk, Sometimes I drive. Sometimes I crawl, Sometimes I fly. My travel agent loves me Cuz I'm tripping every minute. When I'm not in my right mind My left one's overflowing, And then I know I've gone way past My psyche's legal baggage limit.


TAG I write the songs that make the whole world sing, And you thought Elvis Presley was the king!

*Optional line for female singer: My makeup kit is five feet tall.