EarthCare Covenant--Lyrics

by Melissa Vagi

(Based on the EarthCare Covenant of Unity Worldwide Ministries)

CHORUS I declare my covenant with God To walk upon the earth For the greatest good, for the greatest good, The greatest good of all creation.

VERSE 1 I am connected to all that is, And I will share in the care of creation To faithfully renew the reverence for life, And respect for all existence.


VERSE 2 And I will honour my spiritís commitment To care, support and defend The balance between my own life, And all of nature as my friend.


VERSE 3 Iíll be a witness to acts of kindness, Discarding thoughts that are harmful and careless, To live in harmony in a world thatís secure. We are guardians for our future.


CODA The greatest good of all creation.

© 2009 Melissa Vagi