Colors of Praise--Lyrics

By Faith Rivera and the Colors of Praise Choir

VERSE Vibrant colors fill this place, see the warmth in every face. Look around the rainbow of people who come to praise. Single mother dressed in red, stands next to a world war vet. And up in the front the are children brown, black and white.

PRE-CHORUS Oh, the candle glows, and the Spirit flows. The Wordís been brought to life.

CHORUS We come together today, put every difference away, to share our colors of praise. We blend our voices with love, reach out to the one God above, we shout with colors of praise. Colors of praise.

VERSE We each walk our different paths, look to find a love that lasts. Here to paint a picture of gladness and joy in God. Some in t-shirts, some wear ties, many who have changed their lives, From the streets we have come to make this place our very home.



VERSE Blue Green White Gold, Pink Rose, Red Glow Purpleness, Cool Black, Love lasts evermore, God flows like a rainbow, our hearts know as the joy grows, And we all show the colors of, the colors of Godliness.



© 2003 Lilí Girl Creations (ASCAP)