Copying and Printing Sheet Music

1. Two sided copying will help performers by having fewer page turns. A full-featured copier will do this automatically with the correct settings. With a lower end copier, copy the odd-numbered pages, put the copies in the paper tray and copy the even-numbered pages. It will probably be necessary to experiment with how to load the odd-numbered pages in the tray.

2. Odd-numbered pages are always to the right. Sometimes a title page is included to make the page turns easier or fewer.

3. It is best to use a copier that allows for 11 x 17 paper size.

4. Choral music available from Heart Wind Music can copied on 11 x 17 and trimmed to Octavo size. At two pages per sheet, this will come out to 10.5 x 14. Again, experimentation is necessary to have the fronts and backs line up correctly. Margins of originals printed by your computer will vary. Selections formatted with Sibelius music notation software will be centered. Those done with Finale will be printed at the top left of the page. HWM uses both Sibelius and Finale to create sheet music and then converts the files to .pdf format for online distribution.