The Blessing--Lyrics

By Jennifer Ferren

VERSE I awoke this morning and I stumbled out of bed. Echoes of a pray'r I dreamed were ringing in my head. Quickly grabbing pen and paper I began to write All that I remembered from the pray'r I dreamed last night, and it said:

CHORUS “Thank you God for giving me another blessed day. Thank you for the miracles when I have lost my way. Thank you for the right to unlock my own destiny, oh and Thank you for the gifts I have to bring.”

VERSE Blessings are like colors for they come in many shades: Laughter with someone you love or lessons learned each day, Trials we think are crises and the will to overcome, Finding strength inside ourselves when we thought we had none, and I say:


BRIDGE There are times I know when I have given it my all. There are times I stumble and sometimes I even fall. I pray to see the truth inside it all, and I say:


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