Arms (Are for Hugging)--Lyrics

by Cathy DeWitt

VERSE Wherever you wander, wherever you roam, You'll find things aren't so different from right here at home; People all over the world feel the same; We're trying to save it, this isn't a game.

CHORUS Arms, arms are for hugging, And love is to give; Peace is for all people, And life is ours to live!

VERSE All over this planet, people are scared; From Moscow* to Boston these feelings are shared; Every place has its beauty, we all have our friends; There isn't a soul who would want it to end.


VERSE Oh, people we've got to get together, We've got to make our feelings known; Whoever you are, wherever you're from, In this you are not alone.


VERSE Whoever you talk to, you'll find this is true; They all want the same thing as me and you; We all love our children, we all love our land, And a smile is a language we all understand—


* Alternate Lyric: Tehran

© 1987 Cathy DeWitt