Amazing Things--Lyrics

By Megan McDonough & Jana Stanfield

VERSE You will do amazing things, With the choice each new day brings. And with ev'ry step you take, Bless the progress that you make. The reason you live Is there in ev'ry gift you give. Love your life, love your dreams, You will do amazing things.

CHORUS Amazing, amazing, You will do amazing things. Amazing, amazing, You will do amazing things..

VERSE Oh the places you will go, And the people you will know, Don't worry when or where or how. You don't need to know that now. You're on the right track. No need to look ahead or back. Just enjoy what this day brings.


BRIDGE You don't have to work it out. Just stay in the here and now. Let your mind rest for a little while. Sometimes deepest answers come When you're out there having fun, So close your eyes, and take a breath and smile.


Copyright 2003 Eagle Woman Music (ASCAP)/Jana StanTunes