All The Good--Lyrics (Vocal Ensemble)

By Jana Stanfield

CHORUS I cannot do all the good that the world needs, But the world needs all the good that I can do.

SPANISH VERSE No puedo hacer To do lo bueno Que el mundo Necesita, per_o el mundo necesitta todo lo bueno Que puedo hacer.

FRENCH VERSE (Phonetic spelling) uh n' per pah fair, too urh le byen don le mawnde, ah b' zwahn, don le mawn de, ah b'zwahn, de too le byen, Kuhjuhpuh l'wee fair.

ARABIC VERSE (Phonetic spelling) LeAH melloo, Coo lajaheeden. Ye hetejoohoo, El HIGHlum La KINla al HIGHlum, yehtejoo COOlajaheeden, AH meloohoo

HEBREW VERSE (Phonetic spelling) AhNEElooSAH, et KOL haTOVE, Shay ha oLOM. TZarich, AVAL haOLOM TZarich haTOVE, ShayahNEE o SAH.

(During all the verses, the chorus is being sung by another voice.)

(The lyrics for the congregation version include only the chorus.)

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