Submitting Songs

About submitting songs to be included here
Songs for this library are selected once a year by Unity Worldwide Ministries' Music Ministry Team. The due date for submissions is December 1. If you have compositions or arrangements for congregation, choir, small vocal ensemble or solo we will consider your work for inclusion in this library. The arrangement can be an existing New Thought song or an original song for any special service or for general use.


•You may submit your work in sheet music and/or audio format. When submitting sheet music, notation files in Sibelius, Finale or .xml formats are preferable to .pdf's, but .pdf's are also valuable for efficiency in arranging and formatting the song for publication.

•When possible, please include an MP3 audio of the song. This does not have to be a professionally done studio recording but enough to give the buyer an idea of the complexity and feel. A good quality live church performance should be adequate. We will use this recording to create a sample of the song.

•If a commercial audio recording is available for purchase from another website, provide the information with your submission, and if the song is selected, a link will be included on the song's OML page.

•Please include a lyric sheet for each title.

•Songs will be screened for quality, singability and lyric content to insure compatibility with New Thought teachings.

•If a song is selected for the library, we will offer a songwriter agreement to the copyright holder. If a song has more than one copyright holder, any one of them can sign, because the agreement will be non-exclusive. The signatory to the agreement will be responsible for sharing distributions with the other parties involved.

•If a song is selected it will be edited by the Music Ministry Team for conformity with practices and standards maintained by the library. The final version of the song will be sent to the songwriter, and there will be a 7-day comment period before publication of the song.

Send electronic submissions to:

Mail submissions to: UWM Online Music Library, 2135 Cunningham Rd., Columbia, SC 29210