7 Wonders of the World--Lyrics

By Robert D. Anderson

VERSE 1 Today at my school in world history Teacher popped a quiz, he said, "This is easy Just name the seven wonders of the world for me" So this is what we wrote:

The Pyramids of Egypt, the Taj Mahal The Panama Canal, China’s Great Wall World famous landmarks, we counted them all Yes, they got every vote

VERSE 2 Then I noticed the shy girl who sits next to me Hadn’t turned in her list, it was plain to see. Teacher asked her what the trouble might be And this is what she said:

“There's so many answers, I don't know what to say” Teacher said, “Maybe we can help find a way Just read us your list” The girl hesitated, then this is what she read:

CHORUS "To touch, to see, To taste, and to feel To laugh, and to hear To love while we're here Ah, these are such uh wonders, wonderful wonders Seven wonders of the world"


HALFVERSE 3 Well, you could have heard a pin drop in that room Nobody spoke, nobody moved 'Til someone asked the girl to say it once more through And so she spoke again:


BRIDGE It's a gentle reminder from a gentle soul We take for granted gifts worth more than gold And the richest treasures in life's plan Cannot be built by our own hand


CODA Seven wonders of the world

2006 Totally Intact Tunes (ASCAP)